Breakfast & Afterschool Club

Kidzone Breakfast and After School Club

Tuesday 23rd July 2024 - School will be closing early so children will be collected from class at 2pm and should be collected from after school club before our earlier closing time of 5pm. 

Telephone 0151 430 0990


Breakfast Club:        7.30am - 8.45am (breakfast served until 8.30am)
Afterschool Club:     3.15pm - 6:00pm (close at 5pm when a school day finishes at 2pm)

Please email to request your place, and the appropriate forms will be sent to you with details of our places/waiting list.

OUT OF SCHOOL CLUB FEES (Cost per month)

  Breakfast After School Both
  Cost per month
1 day p/w  £15  £30  £44
2 days p/w  £30  £60  £85
3 days p/w  £45  £90  £130
4 days p/w  £60  £120  £175
5 days p/w  £75  £130  £200

Fees are calculated excluding school holidays then divided into 12 monthly payments, one month in advance.

Fees are payable between the 1st and 7th of month, last one in August or continued until the child leaves. If payment is not received by then your child will lose their place as we are extremely busy and have a waiting list.

If your account is in arrears at the beginning of a new term, your child will be unable to attend clubs until the account is clear, and the monthly advanced fee is paid. Please note payments are non-refundable but will be held in credit for 6 months.

If you wish your child to come on an ad hoc basis it is subjected to availability and this must be arranged by ringing or emailing. There is never a guarantee of a place on ad hoc basis. Ad hoc fees will be £5 for breakfast or £9.50 for after school. Once the place is booked it is payable.

Please note:

Staff who work at the clubs do not have any information about payments/accounts. Any queries must be emailed only for the owner, Sarah Hunt, to respond to.

Longton Lane,
St Helens L35 8PB
Linda Speed, Headteacher
Claire Andrews, SENCO Contact
Elaine Cass, SBM
Michelle Grosvenor/Emma Yates, Parent/Public Enquiries