At Longton Lane our curriculum follows the national curriculum with subjects being taught both discretely and as part of a context.

A wide variety of teaching methods are used to give the children the chance to learn in different ways.

We are dedicated to providing and promoting a secure and stimulating environment where everybody feels safe and secure to attempt new challenges in life. Individuality and independence will be encouraged by offering a broad and balanced creative and engaging curriculum. In our fun and enjoyalbe curriculum we will celebrate and value achievements of everybody and build upon the child's previous learning experiences. 

All children, irrespective of background, needs or abilities are entitled to a wide - ranging curriculum and we consider cultural and social capital, and physical and mental well-being as essential aspects of our curriculum, helping us to develop children who are comfortable in their own minds and skins and able to enhance their social, moral and cultural understanding.

More information about our curriculum can be found under each of our subject tabs.

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