School Council

Here at Longton Lane we run a successful School Council where children are encouraged to take an active role in the day-to-day routines of school life. Elections are held at the start of the Autumn Term to find council representatives with two children elected from Year 1 through to 6. These children are responsible for canvassing the views of all children in the school about various issues and report back to class from council meetings.
The role of a school councillor is:
  • To be a voice for all pupils.
  • To raise awareness of school, community and global events and initiatives.
  • To represent school in local events.
  • To lead activities, fundraisers and seek donations for the wider community.
  • To enquire, inform and feedback the requirements of pupil’s suggestions.
  • To organise fundraisers associated with worldwide issues.

So far this year our School Council have:

Organised activites to raise funds for Children In Need and Comic Relief.

Arranged a collection on non-perishable items at Harvest Festival which were then donated to the local food pantry.

Longton Lane,
St Helens L35 8PB
Linda Speed, Headteacher
Claire Andrews, SENCO Contact
Elaine Cass, SBM
Michelle Grosvenor/Emma Yates, Parent/Public Enquiries