Mission Statement / School Ethos

At Longton Lane we believe that each child is unique; that they deserve the best childhood and whole educational experience. This is at the heart of our ethos and everything we do in school.

We are dedicated to providing and promoting a secure and stimulating learning environment where everybody feels safe and secure to attempt new challenges in life.

 Individuality and independence will be encouraged by offering a broad and balanced, creative and engaging curriculum. In our fun and enjoyable environment we will celebrate and value achievements of everybody.

 We aim to prepare our children to make a positive contribution as they live in today’s society. Our commitment is to nurturing positive self-esteem and friendships that lead to a mutual respect for all. Our rich, diverse and enjoyable curriculum will help children develop the skills to live as valued members of the community. 

Within our school community we will encourage honesty, trust, friendship, kindness and respect to equip our children educationally, morally and spiritually for their future lives.

 At Longton lane we aim to foster a love and passion for life-long learning. We will encourage responsibility, independence, resilience and respect at all times.

 We will teach about the importance of physical exercise and a balanced diet whilst prooting the desire for a healthy body and mind.

Children’s Mission Statement

     ‘Believe and Achieve’      


Our School Aims

We aim to nurture a love of learning by:

-providing a broad and challenging curriculum appropriate to individual needs

-creating a high quality learning environment for all pupils and staff

-developing strong collaborative partnerships between school, home and the community

-encouraging independence and creativity


We aim to inspire our children to achieve their best by:

-encouraging positive self -esteem and confidence to try something new

-promoting high standards in teaching and high expectations for learning

-setting challenging targets and regularly reviewing progress

-appreciating and celebrating individual achievements


We aim to promote a positive environment by:

-encouraging a sense of curiosity and interest in the wider world

-providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment

-respecting and valuing the views, needs and contributions of every individual


Longton Lane,
St Helens L35 8PB
Linda Speed, Headteacher
Claire Andrews, SENCO Contact
Elaine Cass, SBM
Michelle Grosvenor/Emma Yates, Parent/Public Enquiries